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Waste Disposal and Pick-up Services


All our listed service prices below include in-town bin delivery and pickup. Find out when additional charges apply.

No asbestos allowed in waste disposal units — your pickup will be rejected if your waste includes any asbestos.

Online orders only for in-town deliveries

Order online only if delivery location is within the Gunnedah town boundaries.

Out-of-town delivery address?

Call Gunnedah Trade Waste to order your service.


Services and bin types


1.1m3 wheelie bin — businesses only

Bin can be used for

general waste,

recycling service,

or E-waste.
weight limited

$56.00 in-town delivery


1.5m3 permanent front bin — businesses only

General Waste or Recycling


$65.00 in-town delivery


3m3 permanent general waste bin — businesses only

$107 general waste

In-town delivery


3m3 permanent recycling bin — businesses only

$97 recycling service (yellow lids)

In-town delivery


1.5m3 casual bins — household cleanup or small one-off jobs

Bin hire over two weekends.

weight limited

$97.50 in-town delivery


3m3 household casual or weekend bins

Bin hire over two weekends.

weight limited

$127.00 in-town delivery


240 litre lockable security sulo bin

$72 service cost 

$10/month rental service

In-town delivery


10m3 recycling station or caged hook lift bins

Hire for one month then additional rental charges apply.

$287 plus tip fees if applicable.

In-town delivery


Bulk sulo waste removal services

We can empty bulk sulo bins in towns, car parks, sporting venues etc.

Prices depend on volume of bins and locations.

Price on application — please call (02) 6742 5470 to order.


Hook lift bins

Large bulk waste removal.  One-month hire then additional rental charges apply.

10m3 — $287.00

12m3 — $332.00

16m3 — $407.00

20m3 — $457.00


Plus tip and travel fee if applicable.

 weight limits

Call (02) 6742 5470 to organise purchase order.


Liquid waste pump out services

For kitchen grease traps or septic tanks.


Price on application – depends on volume of tank, location and accessibility for truck.

Call (02) 6742 5470 to order.

When will additional charges apply? 


Out-of-town deliveries: Phone the office to order your service. A delivery quote will be added to the price listed below if your delivery location is outside of the Gunnedah town boundary.


Tip fees may apply


Domestic waste = $109.00 p/tonne​.

If tyres are place in the bin: You will be billed the applicable rate at Gunnedah Waste Management Facility e.g. car tyres $7.00, 4WD tyres $10.00. If they include rims the price doubles.

See Gunnedah Shire's fees including Waste Management Services (pages 40–41).


Any questions?

Talk to us for your waste disposal solutions!

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